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Management software for agribusiness production chains.

Our software suite for sharing supply chain data through blockchain and creating customized, regulated smart-labels.

Trusty - Engage®

The platform designed to share data with consumers and all stakeholders in the supply chain quickly.
Creation and management of company profiles, manufacturing plants, and product sheets
Automatic release of Qr-Codes related to products and batches
Uploading and displaying multimedia content of products, certifications, environmental labeling, nutritional values (adjusted for wine labeling regulations effective January 2023), allergens, and the Sustainable Development Goals (in line with the European 2030 Agenda)
Multilingual translation
Automatic development of navigable web interfaces by scanning Qr-codes and dedicated links

Trusty - Trace®

The platform for sharing data with supply chain actors, ensuring authenticity and authorship of information.
Track & Trace management for lots and products
Creating and organizing tables for production batch traceability events
Dedicated pages for monitoring and validating authentications on Blockchain
Dedicated sections and tables for monitoring the entire farm production chain, in line with Farm to Fork requirements dictated by European regulations

Trusty - Collect®

The platform to collect data from the field quickly and quickly, even when there is no connection.
Creating Data Collection Forms
Integration with traceability systems
Data visualization and report creation for Custom visualizations
Android application with offline capability

Trusty - Integrate®

The systems designed to accelerate information exchange and automation of information sharing and verifiability processes.
Automated supply chain data loading by integrating enterprise management systems via REST - API or by manual loading through dedicated applications
Import data via Excel or CSV file
CSV upload streams to shared folders

If you possess the data we acquire it.

Trusty integrates with major Industrial software and systems (MES / ERP / Industry 4.0) to avoid slowdowns in the production process.

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