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Trusty Marketplace connects you with leading coffee industrial buyers through a comprehensive set of services

Market Access

Trusty Marketplace provides market access for coffee through a comprehensive set of services. By connecting coffee industrial buyers with leading suppliers, Trusty Marketplace helps boost coffee businesses' go-to-market strategy. Through this platform, buyers can access a wide range of sustainable and ethically sourced coffee, ensuring transparency and integrity in their supply chains.

Traceability Tools

Trusty Marketplace provides traceability tools through its end-to-end traceability platform. These tools are compliant with EUDR (European Union Data Regulation) and aim to promote better transparency and accountability in the coffee industry. With Trusty's traceability solution, buyers can track the journey of their coffee from farm to market, ensuring the integrity and ethical sourcing of the coffee they purchase.


Trusty Marketplace offers financial opportunities and funding options for coffee production and climate change adaptation strategies. We empower farmers and stakeholders in the coffee industry to access resources and support for sustainability. With Trusty Marketplace, you can pursue your goals of sustainable coffee production and contribute to a resilient future.
Our comprehensive solutions integrate the entire coffee sourcing lifecycle, enabling you to purchase high quality coffee from verified suppliers while securing a competitive advantage and future-proofing your company.

Sell Sustainable Coffee while growing your business

Make Coffee Production sustainable through direct trade powered by Trusty Supply-Chain Infrastructure
Trusty Supply-Chain Infrastructure

Unlock Market Access and navigate EU compliance landscape with Confidence

Unlock market access and navigate the EU compliance landscape with confidence. Our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and convenience ensures a reliable and seamless experience at each stage, from harvest to selling.
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Coffee Supply-Chain Traceability

Benefit from extensive support during the onboarding process, ensuring compliance with established EU normative. Our user-friendly dashboard, application and integration with ERP systems provide convenience and transparency in managing your coffee supply chain.

Seamless Market Reach

Expand your market reach and enhance visibility to effectively market and sell your high-quality coffee.

Access to Finance

Benefit from our extensive network of buyers, technology providers, and partners, which allows you to tap into project financing and unlock additional revenue streams. We provide finance based on our credit score algorithm, as well as through our financial partner, ensuring a long-term, flexible, and growth-oriented partnership.

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