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Emilia Food Love | The e-commerce that sells food and wine products with supply chains tracked in blockchain


  • ‍Transparencyto consumers.
  • Tool for internationalization


  • ‍Onboarding ofproduct.
  • TrackIT Blockchain Project - ICE Agency for Made in Italy.

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  • 7+ Registered Products
  • 1+ Lots surveyed

The idea of creating EMILIA FOOD LOVE was born from a honeymoon in the USA in which Andrea and Rossella, originally from Calabria, decided they wanted to bring a bit of Italy to all homes, to all tables, to all streets, to all benches in the world. In 2014, after the arrival of their daughter Beatrice, the long search for small producers who shared their same passion began.  This is how EMILIA FOOD LOVE was born, from the meeting between Andrea, Rossella and small Italian producers. An e-commerce that sells quality Italian products all over the world.

TrackIT Blockchain - the ICE Agency's project to protect Made in Italy.

Emilia Food Love has joined the "TrackIT Blockchain" project promoted by the ICE Agency.
The aim of the project is to offer small and medium-sized Italian companies blockchain technology to track their Made in Italy product supply chain on international markets in complete security and transparency.

Thanks to the use of the Trusty platform and the use of blockchain technology, Emilia Food Love now presents a range of products with a transparent supply chain.

A unique opportunity to get even closer to its customers by telling the story of the supply chain in the utmost transparency.

Every piece of data relating to supply chain and production steps is recorded on the registers of the Trusty blockchain, thus becoming immutable and accessible in total transparency to all customers simply by scanning a qr-code fixed on the packaging.

By using Trusty Emilia Food Love, it is able to build even more loyalty among its customers and convey a unique story of the territory from which it comes.

To implement 🖐 Trusty in your company. contact us here.

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