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Olio Costantino | Calabrian oil with Trusty in ICE Agency's TrackIT project for Made in Italy.


  • ‍Transparencyto consumers.
  • Tool for internationalization;


  • ‍Onboarding ofproduct.
  • TrackIT Blockchain Project - ICE Agency for Made in Italy.

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  • 6+ Registered Products
  • 1+ Lots surveyed

At the narrowest point of Italy, between the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, on a hill of olive groves with Mediterranean vegetation, near the Cottola river, in the locality of Donnantonio in Maida. It is here that the Costantino company gives life to a unique oil that represents an entire territory.
The Costantino family is passionately dedicated to the organic cultivation of 60 hectares of centuries-old olive groves to obtain a fine organic extra virgin olive oil Lametia DOP and Slow Food presidium.
In addition to oil, the fruits of the earth are transformed into preserves, compotes, jams and other long-life products, such as dehydrated fruit, legumes and flours.

TrackIT Blockchain - the ICE Agency's project to protect Made in Italy.

Costantino oil is part of "TrackIT Blockchain. The project, promoted by the ICE Agency, aims to support small and medium-sized Italian companies in the adoption of blockchain technology to trace, in complete security and transparency, their supply chain of Made in Italy products on international markets.

With the use of the Trusty platform, Costantino wine's oil will guarantee each customer the possibility of verifying the information declared with a simple scan of the QR code fixed on the bottle.

An organic product, certified and allows to show, with maximum transparency towards those who buy, its supply chain to a national and international public.
A choice, that of joining the ICE project and using the Trusty platform, which will certainly also benefit the company's image.

To implement 🖐 Trusty in your company. contact us here.

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