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It's now or never: year zero of the agri-food sector.

Ensuring food and nutrition for billions of people through a sustainable food production system that is resilient to climate change is the new challenge facing the global agri-food sector. The stakes are high: the future of our humanity and the planet we live on will depend on the outcome.

Agriculture and livestock today manage to feed the world, but at the same time they are one of the main causes of global warming with 24% of harmful emissions. Two contrasting aspects - one positive, the other negative - two sides of the same coin that can no longer (and must no longer) coexist. And once again it will be innovation - real, concrete innovation involving all players in the supply chain - that will provide the key to resolving this profound dichotomy.

It is only through cultural and technological innovation that the agri-food sector will be able to align supply and demand in order to reach even more ambitious horizons: cutting waste, planning cultivation and breeding through sustainable production systems capable of increasing productivity, safeguarding the balance of the planet that we will hand back to our children. Without forgetting the more material aspects linked to the market and business, which will have to respond ever more intelligently to the demands for transparency from consumers who will no longer limit themselves to buying products, but will increasingly embrace the universe of values and the narrative capital of a brand.

At present, many companies do not have the tools to play this game and deal with ethical changes within global supply chains. And without knowledge of the products they buy and sell, it is not even possible to structure a strategic plan. But it is an urgency that is increasingly felt. For this reason, several companies (local and international) have decided to invest in the issue of traceability, the only way to respect the new paradigms of the global market and enhance the value of products and brands, marking a clear difference from competitors.  

Within this new scenario, the Blockchain for the first time in human history allows information to be shared by enabling whoever receives it to verify its integrity without having to ask anyone's permission. This possibility has allowed the Blockchain to be accredited as the most effective technology to make a difference within the supply-chain. However, despite the hype of the last few years, it is still unclear how the blockchain works and what benefits it offers to everyone involved in the supply chain, from the distributor to the end consumer, at any latitude of the globe. We are convinced that blockchain is the right technology to give all consumers the most powerful weapon to recognise an ethical and sustainable product.

So here we are. Trusty was founded on 17/01 as an innovative startup and benefit company:

  • Innovative startup because it aims to revolutionise the certification market through data collection systems based on Blockchain and therefore able to make information and declarations verifiable.
  • Beneficial company because in order to achieve our mission, we intend to support farming communities, including those in emerging countries, in equipping themselves with digital tools to come into direct contact with consumers.

The challenges will be many, the criticisms even more so, but we firmly believe that the real game will be played by the new generations of consumers. We have understood that the most powerful weapon is the possibility to choose and Trusty was created for this, to give everyone the possibility to choose a product and have an impact through their choices.

To implement 🖐 Trusty in your company. contact us here.

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