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Fiordelisi | The transparent supply chain of Apulian sun-dried tomatoes.


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  • TrackIT Blockchain Project - ICE Agency for Made in Italy.

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Fiordelisi is a leader in the European market for the production of sun-dried vegetables, the undisputed first for the production of sun-dried and semi-dried tomatoes.

A company with that has its roots in Apulia, in that Tavoliere area that has all the characteristics for growing and drying such a wonderful product as tomatoes.
The history of Fiordelisi began in 1954 when everything started with the founder Antonio Fioderlisi. In 1978 the company began to expand and experiment with new techniques for drying products.
The turning point came in 1995, when after long and careful research aimed at ensuring the best quality of raw materials, in full respect of nature and authenticity, the first production of semi-dried tomatoes saw the light.

Today, in addition to tomatoes, Fiordelisi produces a wide range of vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, artichokes, peppers and chili peppers, both dried and grilled. Semi-finished or finished products such as round chilies stuffed with tuna or goat cheese, tasty creams and pates, and even olives and tasty sun-dried vegetable mixes.

TrackIT Blockchain - the ICE Agency's project to protect Made in Italy.

Fiordelisi's sun-dried tomatoes are one of the products supported by the "TrackIT Blockchain" project promoted by the ICE Agency. The project aims to support small and medium-sized Italian companies in adopting blockchain technology to track, in complete security and transparency, their Made in Italy product supply chain in international markets.

A company, Fiordelisi's, that has been working for a long time to ensure quality products, product innovation and a transparent supply chain.
With the adoption of the Trusty platform, today Fiordelisi is also able to demonstrate its transparency on a technological level.
In fact, with a simple scan on the qr-codes affixed to the packaging, every customer will be able to access the supply chain information recorded in blockchain.

A choice that makes Fiordelisi an example of transparency for an entire sector.

To implement 🖐 Trusty in your company. contact us here.

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