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Environmental label becomes mandatory and ends up on qr-code

With Legislative Decree 116 of September 3, 2020, or the "waste decree," Italy arrives well ahead of the Eureopean guidelines regarding the circular economy. From January 1, 2022, in fact, environmental labeling of packaging for the domestic market has become mandatory.

Italian companies will have to include the digital environmental label on product packaging no later than Dec. 31, 2022.

Why it is important to use the environmental label

The answer is simple, the main reason why Legislative Decree 116/2020 was enacted is to facilitate separate collection. All e actions aimed at recycling, composting, or the ' accumulation of non-recyclable materials are critical to the survival of the planet.

Despite the fact that many years have now passed since the beginning of separate waste collection in Italy, many people still have difficulty distinguishing the symbols and codes on packaging. It has become increasingly necessary to take action to reduce user confusion about how to sort waste as much as possible.

From January 1, 2022, environmental labeling of packaging for the domestic market became mandatory.

Therefore, the aid of directions on the container in which to throw the waste is very important, especially when aided by color coding.

Another important feature of the new environmental labels are the ancillary information that clearly explains how to deliver the waste. For separate collection to really work, packaging must be completely empty and separated into removable parts.

Environmental label on qr-code

With Trusty, it will be possible to place this information inside a qr-code found on food packaging. By framing it, the consumer will know what material it is made of and how each element of the packaging (wrapper, bottle, cap and capsule, etc.) should be differentiated.

Benefits of using Trusty's digital environmental label:

  • It takes up little space on the packaging;
  • Multilingual
  • Design in line with the brand's style
  • Analytics of scans;
  • Additional brand and/or product information

In addition to transparency on food traceability then, with Trusty every company will be able to place the digital environmental label within the same qr-code.

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