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Meracinque | From Field to Table with Trusty


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Our journey with Meracinque began in 2021 together with our partner Var Group, when the company decided to implement a project to increase product transparency and promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

Meracinque is the brand of the Borgo Libero farm, located in the Veronese countryside and led by five sisters. Their agronomist father's passion gave birth to an innovative business project focused on the production of high quality Carnaroli Classico Micro-Natural rice. The company's goal is to combine agricultural tradition with the latest technologies to ensure a healthy and sustainable product.

Through a partnership with Var Group, the Tovo sisters chose the platform to promote and make transparent the value of Meracinque. Thanks to this solution based on blockchain technology, the company is able to track the entire production cycle from soil to packaged beans and communicate the information to the consumer through a convenient label placed on the new 100% compostable packaging.

The Project: Goals and Challenges

Project Goals.

The main objective of the project to use the platform was to create a comprehensive and transparent traceability system that could guarantee the consumer a quality and sustainable product. The innovations introduced by the project also intended to communicate all the sustainable activities implemented by the company


The main challenges faced during the project concerned the integration of the different technologies involved, data management, and communication with the end consumer. Indeed, it was necessary to strike a balance between the use of advanced technological tools and ease of use for the consumer.

Results: Traceability and Sustainability

Label and Packaging

Meracinque has introduced the QR-Code inside the new 100% compostable packaging. The consumer can thus easily and immediately verify the origin and sustainability of the product purchased.

Observability of the supply chain and simplification of traceability operations

The adoption of the proposed technological solutions has made it possible to increase the observability of the supply chain, and by using Trusty the Company is able to provide detailed information for each production batch, thus meeting traceability and retraceability regulations. In addition, the use of the platform has helped reinforce the image of an environmentally and innovation-conscious company.

The Testimony

In this video made by Var Group you can hear the testimony of Benedetta and Silvia.


The use of the platform by a company like Meracinque highlights the importance of innovation and sustainability in the agribusiness sector. The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a successful project characterized by optimal traceability management and the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions. The challenge for the future will be to continue to invest in technologies and processes to ensure quality and sustainable products, meeting the increasingly pressing needs of consumers and the environment.

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