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Olio Sortino | The Sicilian oil supply chain between innovation and sustainability


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For three generations, a good portion of the olive groves in Erice, in the province of Trapani, have been managed with love and respect by the Sortino family.
In 2014, it was Giuseppe who took the reins of the company and took care of the 6,000 olive trees, cultivating them exclusively organically.
A company that today produces an exceptional oil, Olio Sortino indeed, and that in its production processes takes into account actions of sustainability and circularity, such as the one that sees the use of process water and the kernel distributed again as organic fertilizer on the land.

TrackIT Blockchain - the ICE Agency's project to protect Made in Italy.

Olio Sartino is one of the products supported by the "TrackIT Blockchain" project promoted by the ICE Agency. The project aims to support Italian small and medium-sized companies in adopting blockchain technology to track, in complete security and transparency, their Made in Italy product supply chain in international markets.

From now on, Olio Sortino will be able to compete in national and international markets thanks to a tool, such as Trusty's platform, which is able to support the strategy of sustainability and transparency towards customers adopted by the company.

With a simple scan of the qr-code fixed on the label, all consumers will know at all times the history and the steps taken to create that batch of Olio Sartino

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