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Slow Food Coffee Coalition and Trusty: a new participatory model.

We are of the opinion that the best experiences never happen just by chance. When you espouse the same values, passions and goals, the collaboration can only be the beginning of a path to travel together. This is how, from a "simple" exchange of messages on LinkedIn, the partnership with the Slow Food Coffee Coalition network was born.

There is certainly no shortage of passion for coffee. Since time immemorial, this tasty beverage has accompanied us in those moments when we need a break from routine or to share a carefree moment. But what unites us most is the reality behind the cup: the mission to make the coffee supply chain transparent and safe in different countries around the world.

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition was created as an innovative model of value creation along the entire supply chain in which all players in the coffee world are invited to participate. From the farmer and the roaster, through the distributors, all the way to the end consumer, who is increasingly aware of where the coffee he or she is drinking comes from and by whom it was produced.

Guarantees of a fair price for farmers, traceability at every stage of the supply chain, environmental protection and food safety are some of the points incorporated in the Manifesto, which Slow Food's inclusive network has adopted, to make coffee better, cleaner and fairer than ever before.

In this international project that embraces different realities, Trusty is not only a technological tool but represents for us the choice to have a significant impact in enhancing the coffee supply chain starting from the territories of Honduras, Peru and India. The platform makes it possible to make the different stages of the supply chain transparent by telling the real story behind the cup of coffee and the cultural values of the territory.

We achieved the first concrete results of the project with the implementation of the Trusty traceability system in these three countries.

In the warm lands of the finca of Rio Colorado, the first plantation of the Umami Area Honduras SA de CV project, the products of B.Farm and Drops in Roastery are born : Doña Elda and Rio Colorado, two types of coffee with different roasts. The time stamp applied by Trusty to each event in the supply chain allows the end consumer to taste a coffee of certain origin and to verify the authenticity and sustainability of the product.

Francisco Vileda (Pancho) and Sandro Bonacchi on the coffee plantations of Finca Rio Colorado - Honduras

In Peru, in the Villa Rica region where the wonderful story in the world of coffee de La Chacra d'Dago, blockchain has been applied to track products from Critical Coffee, Nordic Roasting and Trinci.

Coffee on the Villa Rica plantation - Peru

Our project continues on the other side of the world, in India, where 10 small-scale farmers in the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve support coffee cultivation. Trusty has been implemented for transparency of all stages of the supply chain including roasting and packaging by L'albero del Caffè.

Farmers of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve - India

These projects are just the beginning of a journey of verifiable information and the creation of a new participatory model that allows us to support families of producers, roasters and companies that are part of this great network. Together with the Slow Food Coffee Coalition we are ensuring a new channel of communication with consumers through the transparency of supply chains that guard local knowledge, values and traditions.

A system based on the fair value of coffee and respect for those who produce it, in perfect harmony with the environment around us. A path intended to value over time the contribution that each partner makes to the improvement of the supply chain.

Trusty's participation in the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto event in Turin, Italy.

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